AT&T is BushCo's eyes and ears

Top Secret Gov’t Spying room revealed by AT&T Whistleblower

Posted by Evan Derkacz at 7:14 AM on March 8, 2007.
LA Times dropped the story mysteriously…
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This is a somewhat lengthy clip (12 minutes or so) but its importance is hard to overstate as an emblem of Bush’s America.

In the name of fighting the “war on terror,” the Bush Administration has secretly enlisted the help of telecommunications agencies across the nation to do “datamining” — using pre-programmed criteria to sift through the private information of Americans on the web and telephone lines in search of clues.
There is no oversight despite the existence of a court (FISA) which is designed for just this purpose. Of course, you see the problem; the technology has outgrown the oversight method though the administration has chosen to just push on…

In this clip, former AT&T technician Mark Klein discusses his investigation of a secret room built in conjunction with the National Security Agency through which all customer information was routed.

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