ANOTHER criminal investigation in Ohio!

Election Results of Early Voting Found Printed Prior to Election Day
NATIONWIDE EFFORT? – Identical Situation Recently Discovered in Pima County, AZ…

Posted By Brad Friedman On 21st March 2007 @ 19:19

[1]Another criminal investigation has begun in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, where two elections officials were found to have rigged [2] the 2004 Presidential Election recount.
A special prosecutor has now been appointed to look into the early printing of absentee ballot and early voting election results prior to Election Day in 2006. As well, the investigators will be looking into a network cable which was left plugged into a tabulator computer overnight, allowing for unauthorized access all night long.

Fox 8’s I-Team has a good video report [3].

As well, The BRAD BLOG [4] has learned that Ohio’s new Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, will be personally delivering termination notices to the county’s four Board of Elections members tomorrow. On Monday, Brunner demanded the resignation [5] of the entire board in Ohio’s most Democratic-leaning county. The head of that election board, Bob Bennett, is also the chair of the Ohio Republican Party. He has vowed to fight Brunner in court, which, we’re told by sources, she welcomes.

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