And some were not elected in the first place …

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Across the country, a rising number of GOP senators facing reelection in 2008 are finding themselves in deep trouble.
Republican Woes
In New Hampshire, Sen. John Sununu has seen his approval rating drop five points to 45% as voters there have becoming increasingly fed up with his equivocation on Iraq. A few weeks ago, the DSCC’s committed supporters helped us launch an ad in the Manchester Union-Leader (NH) telling Sununu’s constituents how he had obstructed Senate debate on Iraq.
In North Carolina, a recent poll revealed that only 35% of likely voters plan to vote for Sen. Elizabeth Dole.
In Texas, Senator John Cornyn’s approval rating has dipped to 44% and in Kentucky, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is under 50%.
Within these numbers lies a revealing insight. Four months after Republicans’ overwhelming defeat at the polls, Republican senators still don’t get it. America has had it with George Bush. And yet, the overwhelming majority of GOP Senators continue to do the president’s bidding on Capitol Hill.
GOP Senators are once again putting narrow party loyalty over the will of their constituents – who will increasingly be looking for new leadership in their states. That is why the DSCC is hard at work ensuring that come election time, GOP incumbents will be faced with an exceptional crop of Democratic challengers.
An Opportunity in Colorado
In Colorado, where Republican Senator Wayne Allard is retiring, we’re putting on a full court press to pick up the seat. The first Republican to announce his candidacy for the seat is oil lobbyist Scott McInnis, who has angered many residents with his efforts to open up much of Colorado’s Western slope to energy interests. Meanwhile, the DSCC is actively recruiting popular Democratic congressman Mark Udall as our candidate.
Preserving and Expanding the Democratic Senate Majority
Going after these vulnerable GOP seats is just one part of our strategy to preserve and expand Democrat’s narrow one seat Senate majority. We are constantly working to shore up our incumbents to quash any early Republican hopes.
As always, the DSCC relies on committed people like you to give us what it takes to win. Now is the time to capitalize on early Republican weakness by recruiting top tier Democratic challengers and giving our incumbents an insurmountable fundraising advantage.
Click here to make a contribution of $50, $75 or more to allow the DSCC to turn up the heat on vulnerable Republican incumbents and preserve our Democratic incumbents.
I’ll be keeping you abreast of the latest developments in our Senate races in the months ahead. The early signs are positive, but we’ve got plenty of work to do.
I hope you’ll be right there with us.
J.B. Poersch
Executive Director, DSCC

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