An earful for the Times

Dear Mr. Calame,

You write in today’s New York Times : “Ms. Muccino and other readers have every right to be angry about The Times’s slowness in telling them about the compelling news in The Post’s two-part series.”

This Walter Reed story and the abusive treatment of our returning wounded has been exposed over and over again since 2003. The GAO exposed it. Salon reported on it in depth two years ago. It is like so many stories the Times and much of the msm ignores. You don’t consider it news if it is not in your paper or one of your mainstream competitors. You had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the Downing Street Minutes story. You shilled for Bush on WMD’s in Iraq and are doing it again in Iran while you write columns praising the “objectivity” of your paper’s Iran coverage.” The instance of American soldiers destroying photographs an AP photographer had taken at the scene of a possible U.S. war crime in Afghanistan made it onto the Times’ blog but was absent from its news pages. Your editorial page reports how recent executive orders signed by Bush are paving the way toward Marshall Law. Wouldn’t a story like that be more appropriate in the news pages? Paul Krugman publishes statistics suggesting U.S. Attorneys still in their jobs are heavily engaged in politically-inspired prosecutions. Did Bill Keller miss that story too?

You and your paper really sicken me. This is why I get most of my news from the blogosphere and the overseas media.


Jerry Policoff
Lancaster, Pa

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