Against the Holt bill


Although this is a long piece, I urge you to read it through–and pass it on. I feel confident in offering it as a definitive statement on behalf of “purism” in defense of US democracy.


The “All or Nothing Approach:” Should It Apply To Democracy?
by Paul R Lehto, Attorney at Law

In this essay, I go out on a limb and suggest that this is one of the most important articles and perspectives you will ever read about, though most of the ideas herein started with the American Revolution and are as much your ideas as they are mine. But to summarize in one sentence, this article applies to vote counting and voting systems the legal and political perspective of democratic rights. It shows that almost all of your meaningful rights in the area of voting and vote counting have been taken away, and Congress instead of correcting that is about to institutionalize it. A government, a Congress, a Judiciary or a local government that simply can not be bothered with the manual labor of counting your vote and every American’s vote with openness, honesty, transparency and care, most surely can not be trusted to treat redblooded Americans with openness, honesty, transparency and care. In summary, this essay stands for the proposition that our fundamental obligation as Americans is to defend democracy, and that when it comes to respecting voting rights, “the “compromise” IS the same as the violation of the right.” I hope that you will read it all, and if you do not think it is important and worth the few minutes to do so, I invite you to tell me why at my email address above.

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