A good start in Ohio

Ohio Asks Election Board Members to Quit
Monday March 19, 2007 5:16 PM
Associated Press Writer

CLEVELAND (AP) – All four election board members for Cuyahoga County, troubled by recount rigging charges and voting machine problems, have been told to resign or face being fired, a state official said Monday.

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner said she called the four board members of Ohio’s most populous count late Sunday, asking them to leave by close of business Wednesday.

The county, which includes all of Cleveland, has had difficulty adjusting to electronic voting. Last May’s primary, the first attempt at electronic voting in the county, was marred by absent or poorly trained poll workers, lost vote-holding computer cards and a polling place that opened hours late.

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Wow – that rarest of things – a Democrat with balls! (so to speak!)Take no prisoners, Jennifer!

You’re rlleaing complaining about .2 points? Honestly? It’s a game review, it’s a matter of opinion. This guy’s opinion is that it’s NOT a 9. An 8.8 is nothing to scoff at.

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