Who owns Ed Schultz?

Run my Ed Schultz article and he may throw an hour long rant about you too, just like he did with Air America. Not! I’m sure he’s been told it was not a good idea.


Rob Kall, OpEdNews

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By Scott Shuster
Some Tough-Talking Republicans
The Republican talking points are getting so predictable and monotonous. When you talk about people not having original ideas, point to the right, not the left.

By Michael Collins
Essentials Of The Voting Systems Debate
The people must take their elections back from the professional politicians and their “experts.”

By Stephen Crockett
Bush And The Iraq Blame Game
The Bush Republicans seem to be playing a very cynical political game concerning the Iraq policy debate…. The public knows the truth but the Republican Spin Machine will always claim that failure in Iraq was because Democrats betrayed the mission….. The Republican Iraq Blame Game is a truly sick tactic by a truly sick political movement. I hope thinking Republicans will leave their Party in disgust over it.

By Rob Kall
The Ed Schultz Show Is Owned By Right Wingers. Does It Matter?
The Ed Schultz show claims to be the most listened to progressive talk radio show, but it is owned by some seriously right RIGHT wingers. We’re talking about heavy hitting media people who formerly played a major role in Rush Limbaugh’s success. Will their business acumen help the progressive cause by helping Ed Schultz, or do they have political interests motivated by ideology?

By LTR Aka B.D. Rafferty
Who Is Thom Hartmann?
Over the next few days or so, radio audiences in various markets will be introduced to a new voice on their airwaves, as prepares to slide into the midday slot on Air America Radio and its affiliates who choose to pick up the show.

By Paul A. Minafri
Review Of Mosaic Virus By Carlos T. Mock, M.D.
The premise intrigued me, so I immediately bought the book and put it at the top of my “to read” pile. COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN.!!!

By Richard LaBonte
Mosaic Virus, By Carlos T. Mock, MD
It’s 1983, and young Catholic priests are dying mysteriously. A concerned Vatican calls in hotshot Father Javier Barraza, an Argentinian-born Jesuit with a built-in disdain for his Church’s more repressive dogmas – and more longing in his soul for a childhood sweetheart, now a very special FBI agent, than a priest of his stature ought to have – to investigate the viral epidemic decimating America’s priesthood.

By Ken Furtato
Review Of Mosaic Virus By Carlos T. Mock, M.D.
If you like a thriller based on a conspiracy theory with global ramifications, put Carlos T. Mock’s Mosaic Virus on your shopping list. Mock finds an ingenious way to connect the dots between real historical events and characters in a way that history (perhaps) never intended, coming up with a story both scary and plausible.

BOOK REVIEW: The Mosaic Virus
Chicagoan Carlos T. Mock is a doctor and his new novel, The Mosaic Virus ( Floricanto Press, paperback, edited by Katherine V. Forrest ) , makes full use of his medical background to create a tale of murder and intrigue during the early 1980s.

By David Swanson
What Lincoln Really Said
Alaska Congressman Don Young just attempted on the floor of the House to quote Abraham Lincoln’s opinion on opposition to presidents’ war plans. Young failed rather dramatically.

By John Doraemi
No George Monbiot, These Are The Facts Of September 11th 2001

By Gerard Keenan
Real ID Act – Real Nightmare
Real ID Act 2005 can not work.

By Jim Donovan
The Scam Of Healthcare – One Way The Consumer Is Getting Beaten
One way we’re getting scammed by the medical establishment

By John Carey
China And Russia Help US Throttle North Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions; But Fight A Delaying Game To Assist Iran

By Eileen Fleming
The Democrat Demimondaine And Consummate Pandering Politician: Hillary Clinton
Do you know why Israel does not want to become America ‘s 51st state? Because then they would only have two senators!

By Kenneth Briggs
Assimilation Not Elimination-Part One
Most non-Indians are either not aware of or know very little about Indian boarding schools.

By By Carlos T Mock, MD
With Due Respect Mr. Bernanke, A Soft Landing?
The Two Year US Bond has a yield of 4.88% while your 10 year bond has a yield of 4.63% and your 30 year bond has a year has a yield of 4.75%. This in spite of all your prime interest increases this past year. The yield curve for US Treasury bonds has been inverted for a while; a strong signal that the market expects a recession and a clear indication that the Fed may have to lower interest rates in the near future to prevent

By Karen Fish
George Bush Psychotic Legacy Fears Drive Him To Nuke Iran
A psychotic clown in the White House.

By Dean Powers
Rep. Virgil Goode Says “In Moohamid We Trust”…Goode God
No matter the context, a Republican did say, “In Moohamid we trust.” It would make a nice sound byte during the next election.

By Thomas Bonsell
The political right has claimed Christianity only for itself and denies it to others, especially the political left–also known as liberal or progressive–which right-wingers denounce as the “atheist left”. That may be a good thing, and the left must learn how to use such claims to its advantage if it is to save America from the clutches of the destructive right.

By Carol Wolman
War? What War?
Framing is important. By claiming to be “at war” Bush accomplishes many things. In fact, the US illegally invaded Iraq and remains to occupy it illegally.

By Teresa Simon-noble
Stop The Abuse. Stop The Lies. Stop The Intrusion. Stop The Domination. Stop The Manipulations. Let The Iraqis Be Free.
Theory has it that intimidation and exploitation of any family member by a family, give rise in that family member to a quest and desire for domination (power) and control. Power-Grabbers a phrase which perfectly describes the Bush – Cheney liaison.

By Andrew Bard Schmookler
It’s Got To Be Gore: Part III– There’s No Adequate Alternative
This historical moment makes it essential that we be as sure as possible of getting leadership adequate to the task ahead. None of the alternatives to Gore are nearly so good a bet for us as he is. This is no time for gambling, as too much is at stake.

By Jay Esbe
The Coming Scorched Earth Policy And How They’re Laying The Groundwork.
Stop this nonsense and impeach them before it’s too late.

By Hollis Polk
The Upside Of Flu
Lessons from a sickbed — and reasons to be grateful for the dis-ease

By David Swanson
Murtha Only Intends To Undo The Escalation
In a video interview with Tom Andrews Congressman Jack Murtha makes clear that the limitations on additional war money that he intends to include in the forthcoming “emergency” supplemental bill are aimed only at undoing the recent escalation (a.k.a. “surge”), not at ending the war.

By Andrew Bard Schmookler
The Growth Of Corporate Power: A Crucial Element Behind The Rise Of Bushite Fascism
Here’s a nice piece of background regarding the decades-long campaign of corporate America to roll back the advance of progressive values. First it gave us reactionary politics, and now –with the rise of the Bushite power– it has led America into fascism.

By Susan Lenfestey
My Dinner With Al (Franken)
Last night I had dinner with Al and Franni. Yeah, Franken. A bunch of folks were invited to their house to “hear his ideas” on the eve of his announcement that he’s running for the US Senate, for the seat once occupied by Paul Wellstone and currently occupied by the oily keister of Norm “I’m-a-99-percent- improvement-over-Paul-Wellstone” Coleman.
By Jay Daverth
The Tragedy Of FOX News Comedy
Conservatives should think twice before venturing into comedy – they already have one fake news show, why do another?

By Walter C. Uhler
Israel’s Bomb, Iran’s Pursuit Of The Bomb And U.S. War Preparations (Part Three)
The Bush administration’s supposed concern about Iran’s nuclear program masks its real goal: regime change.

By Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
ARepublican Leader Asked For A Dialogue For Individual Rights.
The freeze of fear is melting and Republicans are beginning to work to take back the party of Goldwater, returning it to the vision that was about a real freedom for all Americans.

By Michael Bonanno
Answer To Ad That Will Change Everyone’s Mind
Until we stop projecting and start looking at what’s true for us now, we are bound to continue to impulsively react to a future that will always be unknown to us.

By Cody Lyon
Beating An Old Horse Named Tragedy: How The Sale Of Tragedy Led To Iraq
Sen. Saxby Chambliss-R-GA says a report by Pentagon Inspector Thomas Gimble, beats an old horse. But, it’s clear, this is one horse worth beating. How tragedy sold yet another tragedy.

By Richard Walrath
An Anthology Of Ideas To Prevent And/or Reduce CO2 In The Atmosphere To Reduce Global Warming

By Gatto
Responding To General Clark’s Views On Iran
A reaction to General Wesley Clark’s diary on Daily Kos.

By Carolyn Baker, Ph.D.
How dysfunctional government and dysfunctional family systems mirror each other–the political is personal–and painful.

By JGideon
‘Daily Voting News’ For February 15, 2007
a run-down of the days elections/voting news from across the country and overseas.

By Jane Stillwater
To Paraphrase Disney: “A Goal Is A Photo Your Heart Takes When You’re Wide Awake….”
I see photos I took in the past & they remind me of the

past. And in my heart I also carry around images of the kind of future I want. And the image that ALL of us carry around is the one of us walking toward The Light — because ALL of us eventually have to die. And when this happens, we need to know what to say — that we have done good deeds. This is the best way to plan our lives, so that in the end we will be okay.

By Lawrence R. Velvel
The Couch: Bush Is On It And Congress Should Be
Summary for Op Ed News Psychiatrists are again analyzing the sociopathic George Bush, and they should be analyzing Congress too. These people are not like you and I.

By Gustav Wynn
Money Trumps Peace?? Are You Doing All You Can Do? Will The DNC Continue This Charade And Swear Off The Corporate Bucks?
Is it pure Capitalist greed that sullies our election process? Is it the way we elect presidents? Do we blame the rich? Actually, the fault is your own, dear reader. It got corrupt long ago, but if you don’t fix it now, you deserve it.

By Carol Wolman
AGood Offense Is The Best Defense
Congress is on the defensive with Bush. We the People need an impeachment offensive, to get him and Cheney out. This is the only way to get us out of Iraq and prevent an attack on Iran.

By Robert Chapman
The Valentine’s Day Press Conference
Bush’s Valentines Day press conference asks us to trust him once again.

By Steven Leser
Iran Supplying Weapons To Iraqi Insurgency? Cheney Abbott And Bush Costello Say So! Sort Of?!?!?
Administration spokespeople whine that they do not understand why they are repeatedly asked whether the administration intends to attack Iran despite many assertions to the contrary. What is so hard to understand?

By Dean Powers
Dennis Miller Laughs Off Global Warming On Tonight Show
Dennis Miller derided global warming with a a cache of one-liners that would make the Exxon Mobile public relations team blush.

By Farrell Winter
ARecent Personal Run-in With America’s 19th Century Health Care System.
“The Political Lowe-Down With Derek Lowe” is a monthly column on political issues and figures. This month’s Political Lowe-Down is “The State of Health Care in America,” and concerns a recent personal run-in with America’s 19th century health care system.

By Peter Rost
The Michelle Manhart Affair: The US Air Force Listens!
The US Air Force realized they couldn’t punish Playboy model Ms. Manhart more harshly than a sexual predator. But of course, they also couldn’t stand by as one of their officers publicly dropped her fatigues.

By Cindy Sheehan
Money Trumps Peace…Sometimes
“Money trumps peace” should be the rallying call of all the Democrats and Republicans who are exploiting our tired and wounded soldiers in the field to justify handing BushCo more money to complete his mission of totally decimating the Middle East for the oil companies, construction contractors, and defense industries.

By Jane Stillwater
Please Help Our Berkeley HUD Section 8 Housing Co-op Find New Board Members!
What does one do when one’s HUD Section 8 co-op has been taken over by self-interested bullies? Ask for help from the outside world. Anybody want to serve on our Board of Directors? You would only have to fly in once a month….

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