MCM & Steve Freeman tomorrow night in NYC!!!

Friends, come welcome me back (more or less) from the dead…


First Tuesdays Political Series: Election Analysis
This event is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb 6th – 7:00 PM
Steve Freeman, author of Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen? (Seven Stories Press)
and David Moore, author of How To Steal An Election (Nation Books)

This monthly series hosted by author and activist Mark Crispin Miller features authors whose books tackle political and public issues from a stance outside the mainstream. Moore and Freeman examine the outrageous events surrounding the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections from different perspectives. Moore, at the time senior editor for the Gallup Poll, highlights the influence of Jeb Bush and the Fox Network in 2000. Freeman, a scholar of organizational studies, presents the discrepancy between exit polls and official vote tallies in 2004 and asks why this huge gap occurred. Join us for a searing discussion of the mechanics and politics of contemporary elections.
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McNally-Robinson Booksellers
52 Prince St. (at Prince & Lafayette)

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