What you can do on E-Day

From Bo Lipari:

On November 7, citizens around the country will be participating in the first phase of a multi-year, nationwide effort to provide citizen observation and oversight of elections.

Here in New York State, pollworkers, poll watchers, and voters will be assisting and observing elections, monitoring for problems related to voter registration and identification requirements, voter intimidation, affidavit ballots, and machine failures.

Even if you are not signed up as a pollworker (called Election Inspectors in New York State) or poll watcher, you can participate by reporting any problems you see while you are voting.

Here’s 4 ways you can take part in this historic effort:

Be a Paid Election Inspector
Many counties still need election inspectors who are paid for their time at the polls. Election inspectors must be residents of the County and registered Republicans or Democrats. Contact your county Board of Elections to see if they still need help. A list of phone numbers for County Boards can be found here:
Be a Poll Watcher
NYVV is organizing poll watching in counties around the state. Those of you who are not registered Democrats or Republicans can still be poll watchers. To find out how to be certified as a poll watcher in your county, send an email to

Report Election Day Problems to 866-OUR-VOTE
If you encounter or see problems on Election Day where voters are being denied access to vote for any reason, you can report the problem in real time by calling the 866-OUR-VOTE hotline.

The hotline is administered by the Lawyers’ Committee at call centers across the country. 866-OUR-VOTE is the only national hotline that offers voters immediate assistance from volunteers trained to provide state specific information, identify issues that compromise the administration of elections, and respond to problems.

Sign Up with P4D and Report Problems Online
Volunteers for the Pollworkers for Democracy effort have access to an easy to use online Election Problem Reporting form. The observations you make on Election Day will be collected through an online survey, and will be part of a national Election Incident Reporting Database, a national database of election problems.

In order to use the P4D form,please sign up here:

Having huge numbers of informed citizens taking part in observing local elections is the key to a transparent and accountable democracy. Please join us on Election Day!

-Bo Lipari


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