Dear Friends, I hope you’ll vote for Alan Hevesi for Comptroller on Tuesday. He shouldn’t have used state cars and workers to ferry his wife about, but the comptroller is actually a pretty important job and it would be bad for all of us to have an inexperienced rightwinger managing billions of dollars in pension funds and doing all the other things the Comptroller does. The email below explains how important Hevesi has been to reproductive rights — you might not think an issue like that would come up in his job, but it does!
Best wishes,
Katha Pollitt

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: NARAL Pro-Choice New York
Dear Katha,
Alan Hevesi must be the choice for all pro-choice New Yorkers on Election Day. We are reaching out to you to take this opportunity to explain why.
NARAL Pro-Choice New York is both mindful and respectful of wrongdoings and an ongoing investigation that raise concerns about Comptroller Hevesi’s conduct – we assure our members, and all pro-choice New Yorkers, that we do not take such concerns lightly.
With that in mind, we must weigh this against Alan Hevesi’s 30-year record of stellar leadership and commitment to reproductive freedom and a woman’s unrestricted right to choose. This stands in stark contrast to the alternative of an untested, vocally anti-choice opponent.
Alan Hevesi’s record on choice is outstanding. While serving in the Assembly, he led the fight against attempts to repeal and weaken New York’s abortion law that became the basis for the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. He took the lead in blocking legislation that would have eroded reproductive freedom. As New York City Comptroller, Alan Hevesi championed the city’s tough clinic access law.
His tenure as NYS Comptroller has been no less significant. A historic analysis produced during his first term in office demonstrated that wider access to emergency contraception could save the state almost half a billion dollars in health care costs by decreasing the number of unintended pregnancies and abortions. This study, now cited across the nation, created a groundswell of support for legislation improving access to this pregnancy prevention method.
Conversely, his conservative opponent, J. Christopher Callaghan, has never responded to our candidate questionnaire and is a vocal opponent of abortion rights, even taking his challenger to task for his pro-choice positions and qualifications.
This is not the first time New Yorkers have been faced with a similar decision in the race for State Comptroller. Four years ago, right-wing candidate John Faso attempted to dismiss concerns raised about his anti-choice zealotry, indicating that the role of the Comptroller had no bearing on women’s reproductive freedom.
What can an anti-choice Comptroller do to undermine reproductive freedom? The Comptroller has to approve every contract entered into by the state and can audit any recipient of state funds. An anti-choice Comptroller can use and abuse their authority to slow down payments to often financially-strapped family planning providers, engage in aggressive audits that seek to undermine the ability of providers to function and propose changes to contracts that weaken access to reproductive health services. You can be sure that anti-abortion opponents will turn to an anti-choice Comptroller and urge him to use his authority to erode access to reproductive health.
The role of the Comptroller is vital to protecting and enhancing reproductive rights in this state, and in these dangerous political times the risk is simply too great to support an anti-choice candidate for statewide office. The stakes are simply too high.
We understand any concerns and disappointment you may have. But we ask that you reject the impulse to refrain from voting in this race or, even worse, to vote for a candidate that would be a clear danger to the reproductive health of the women of New York. There is only one option, and that option is clear – we ask all of our supporters to vote for Alan Hevesi on Tuesday, November 7th.
Kelli Conlin
NARAL Pro-Choice New York

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