Vern Buchanan, Mad Projector

FL-13: Election Contest Filed, State Certifies Race,
Buchanan Claims Victory, Calls on Jennings to Concede,

Says ‘Special Interest Groups Have Hijacked Election to Advance Own Agenda’

Transcript, Video of Buchanan’s Morning Press Conference After Florida Certifies Race with 369 Vote Margin

Other stuff of note for the moment…

‘Daily Voting News’ For November 19, 2006
“Florida needs to demonstrate that it is a functioning democracy by getting to the bottom of the problem in the District 13 Congressional Race in Sarasota County. Republican Vern Buchanan now leads Christine Jennings by only 369 votes. But voter complaints and anomalous statistics raise the question: did the voters decide this election, or did software or hardware errors tip the result in favor of a candidate who would otherwise have lost?” David Dill “Is Florida Ready for Democracy?”…

And this item from St. Louis:

Harvey Friedman: My Election Day Experience in St. Louis County, MO
Brad’s Dad Again Holds Feet to the Fire at the Polling Place This Time Over Unconstitutional Photo ID Restrictions


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