Update on 6 undecided races

DNC Sees Six Undecided U.S. House Elections Still to be ‘Winnable’, Planning Challenges
Legal Resources Being Gathered by National Party to Challenge Close Elections Where Dems Currently Trail
Other Candidates, Citing Concerns About Voting Machine Failures, Also Refusing to Concede Until All Votes Can Be Verified

Just off the phone from a DNC insider who says the following races are being considered, as of this afternoon, to still be very much in play by the DNC (* = Incumbent):

NC-8 Larry Kissel (D) / Robin Hayes (R)*
CT-2 Joe Courtney (D) / Rob Simmons (R)*
FL-13 Christine Jennings/Vern Buchanan
NM-1 Patricia A. Madrid (D) / Heather Wilson (R)*
OH-15 Mary Jo Kilroy (D) / Deborah Pryce (R)*
OH-2 Victoria Wulson (D) / Jean Schmidt (R)*

The source believes that all of the above races, each of them currently very very close are winnable and the feeling is that they “could easily win three of those six.”

In each, the Democratic candidate is currently trailing as absentees, provisionals and paper ballots are still be canvassed. As well, challenges and recounts are underway in some of those races (we hope to have more detail shortly here on a couple of those races).

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