Update from Maryland

From Mary Kiraly:
I have just gotten back from a tour of local precincts. In the past, during elections, at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., each precinct posted a turnout report- of how many voters had voted from each party- at the entrance to the polling stations. Campaigns and parties used the turnout reports as an indication of where they needed to devote their GOTV efforts. Today, there has been a switch. In all but one of the precincts I visited, the posting was of total turnout- not broken out by party. So which Party do you think needs this info to get the elderly and those without transportation, or those working multiple shifts to the polls?
I am trying to confirm that this is a policy and not an e-poll book glitch. A glitch seems unlikely since the turnout reports were available, as usual, during the primary.
The following is what the Republicans are up to in the African American community:
“Sample Ballots in Pr. Georges Misidentify Candidates”
by Ernesto Londono

Rep. Governor Robert Ehrlich and Reb. Senate candidate Michael Steele have been using the unemployed from Pennsylvania and Delaware, who arrived in Maryland on buses, to hand out sample ballots at four precincts in majority-African American Prince Georges County. The sample ballots incorrectly identify Ehrlich and Steele as Democrats.
“After a two-hour bus ride to Maryland, Markle said the workers were greeted early this morning by first lady Kendel Ehrlich, who thanked them as they were outfitted in T-shirts and hats with the logo for Ehrlich’s reelection campaign. Nearly all of those recruited, Markle said, are poor and black. Workers traveled to Maryland in at least seven large buses.”
“Democrats Denounce Flier Mailed by GOP” Washington Post Nov. 7, 2006 B-2
by Mathew Mosk
The campaigns of R-Gov. Robert Ehrlich and R-Senate candidate Michael Steele sent out an election eve mailer that displayed photographs of three prominent Maryland African American leaders, implying that they endorsed the Ehrlich and Steele campaigns. Only one does. The title of the mailer: “Ehrlich-Steele Democrats”
Also this morning on local news, Michael was saying that he describes himself as “Steele Blue.”
We must be doing something right if they all want to be Democrats today!

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