Two items on the NBC/GOP partnership

I. From Lilibet Foster:

What’s being reported on posted at 3:09 pm –
Note: “None has been terribly serious…” (strange choice of words…terrible is bad in my definition)

[Also note this bit: “In any case, that would be voter error, not an instance of machine problems”–MCM]

>From NBC’s Doug Adams and the “Making Your Vote Count” team
We’ve been running down reports of voting problems in several states. None has been terribly serious, but here’s an update:
Delaware County, Indiana (Muncie) – A state court ruled that polls must stay open until 8:40 p.m. ET, an hour and 40 minutes later than the scheduled close. Problems this morning with touchscreen machines prevented voters from casting ballots in 75 precincts for several hours this morning. The polls will stay open until 8:40 p.m. to accommodate voters who may have left the polls without voting this morning because of the problems. The problems were caused by faulty voting cards that are used to bring up the ballots on the electronic touch screen voting machines.
Marion County, Indiana (Indianapolis) – A problem this morning affected all 222 precincts throughout the county. According to County Clerk Doris Ann Sadler: The county uses an optical-scan system – which means that voters use paper ballots and fill in “dots” next to the candidate they want to vote for. All voters were given the normal paper ballot and allowed to vote normally. There was no delay in that process, and many voters didn’t realize that any problem was occurring.
The problem occurred with the computer connection to the vote counter in all 222 precincts, which prevented the reading and counting of the ballot in the presence of the voter. Technicians were sent to the precincts and fixed the issue. All machines were up and running by midmorning. The ballots were then fed into machines for the tallying process. This poses one potential problem, in that the voter was no longer present to fix any “overvote” problem with their ballot. (An overvote is when a voter selects more than one candidate). However, Sadler said she has not had any reports of ballots being kicked out because of an overvote problem.
New Jersey – The state’s Republican Party had a phone press conference with reporters this afternoon alleging “rigging” of vote machines and widespread voting machine failures. The New Jersey attorney general’s office has been investigating the allegations, which include seven counties where they say voters went into the booth and found that Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez was “pre-selected” on their electronic ballots.
The attorney general’s office said they sent deputies to all of the counties cited by the Republicans, but their investigators have not reported any problems. They’ve been running tests on the machines (but we haven’t heard precisely how many tests have been run).
Also, the New Jersey attorney general’s office said investigators could not find any poll workers who witnessed the pre-selection problem that was alleged by the GOP.
As for the allegations by other media outlets that some voters have gone into the booth, selected a candidate’s name and then not pressed the final “Vote” button before walking out – the state attorney general’s office says that is a “possibility” but has not been confirmed. In any case, that would be voter error, not an instance of machine problems.

II. From Jack Mason

During the 4 o’clock hour I was listening briefly to MSNBC’s Tucker (bowtieless) Carlson interviewing Rick Santorum. There was quite a disturbing caption conveniently placed at the bottom of the screen. It read: Vote Democrat and get nuked? I’m certain it was placed there intentionally to scare voters that hadn’t yet voted. How low can MSNBC go? The caption was uncalled for! Aside from a noble Keith Olbermann, MSNBC is pure partisan scum.


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