The truth about Sequoia

As I’ve already reported, BushCo’s DoJ is now “investigating” the alleged connection between Sequoia, the e-voting machinery manufacturer, and Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela. Sequoia is currently owned by SmartMatic, a Venezuelan firm, and one that Chavez uses for his own electoral purposes.

It doesn’t take a giant leap of the imagination to discern the actual propaganda purpose of that inquiry: BushCo’s ongoing attempt to cast the Democrats as the main perpetrators of election fraud in the United States. For that purpose it would help enormously to find some way of blaming the whole festering scandal of e-voting machinery on “the left,”which, in the minds of Bush & Co. and much of the media, includes Chavez, the Clintons, Jesse Jackson, Sean Penn, Barbara Streisand, Michael Moore, George Clooney, Rahm Emanuel, the Dixie Chicks, George Soros and the Shining Path

And so it may be useful to take note of where Sequoia’s product will in fact be used on this Election Day. Here, from my friend R. Miller (no relation), is a survey of Sequoia’s current reach–extending to such major sites of GOP’s electoral malfeasance as Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Pennsylvania and New Mexico.

If the Democrats do sweep such places, and perform especially well according to Sequoia’s DRE machines and op-scanners, I’ll then be willing to believe that Venezuela’s big, bad president may actually exert some influence on our elections. Otherwise, this notion of some sort of leftist plot to rob the GOP of votes should stand exposed as just another pack of crackpot lies cooked up and circulated for the sake of this regime.


Article link – (article also mentions Sequoia’s denial of ties to Venezuela)

As of October, various machines from Sequoia were certified for use in Arizona, California, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

List of Sequoia Glitches tallied by Rocky Mountain News last May (also includes specific cities that have had problems with Sequoia voting machines):

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And if the GOP does not scream that the Dems stole the House or Senate, I will be laughing my head off over this conspiracy theory. Anybody remember Y2K? Carl Rove’s indictment?

We don’t have to wait to laugh at you, little thug.

Shouldn’t you know how to spell your master Karl Rove’s name?? What is it with thugs and spelling? Are you ALL C students?

That’s all you got, huh? Insults and my mis-spelling Karl Rove’s name? At least you didn’t pull a Keith Olbermann and tell me to go f### my mother.

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