Something's rotten in Virginia

November 9, 2006
Washington, DC
Ilene Proctor PR
(310) 271-5857
On November 7th, investigators for the election integrity organization were contacted by a poll watcher from Henrico County Virginia, Maybeury Precinct #0408, who reported that the vote tallies were wrong at the end of election-day – 808 for Allen and 51 for Webb for a total of 876. The congressional race between Reublican Cantor and Democrat Nachman also showed 808 to 51. The Virginia Board of Elections website also showed that the down ballot marriage amendment in the same precinct was vastly different — 678 to 681 for a total of 1359. No other precincts in Henrico County showed the type of skewing shown in precinct 0408. The poll watcher said that she personally talked to over three hundred people who voted for Webb.
This morning, VR investigators contacted the United States Attorney and FBI in Richmond as well as the head of the Board of Elections to complain about the results in this race. At approximately 12:30 pm today, the BOE website suddenly changed the results in precinct 0408 to 808 for Allen and 551 for Webb for a total of 1356. The congressional race was also changed to 904 for Cantor and 432 for Nachman. The county results and the state results were also changed.
VR believes that this anomaly must be investigated because either the machines reported the wrong results or outright fraud occurred. VR has noticed other anomalies across Virginia that call into questions the results of the vote. In light of this, VR believes that Senator Allen should not concede until all the votes are properly counted and an investigation occurs into the voting machines.
VR has a $500,000 reward for information about election fraud, and tip lines for whistleblowers – 1-888-VOTETIP and These are part of VR’s Election Protection Strike Force,

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