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From Paul Lehto:

We need not only tapes of tv coverage, but tapes of radio coverage, and SCREEN SHOTS of web pages reporting results.
Screen Shots:
1. The goal is to capture EVERY SINGLE update of the results, which means that taking screen shots every 15 minutes will likely miss updated when its “hot.” There could be 3 updates in a 15 minute period where the middle update makes a particular total go slightly down, only to rise higher than the starting figure by the time the next 15 minute picture comes up, and such a 15 minute screen shot strategy would miss the intermediate (and probably illegal) negative vote counting step.
2. The full version of Adobe Acrobat like Acrobat Professional Can capture an entire website as a pdf. It’s a good idea to do that for the website that reports results right now, including all the information that the registrar has on their site advising or not advising voters about what to do. There is a setting for “capture the whole website” so it will do this automatically after you choose “open” and then “website”. It may take a lot of memory depending on the website but is otherwise easy to do.
3. There are also free programs available on the internet, at least on a 30 day trial, for screen shot programs. go to this website and choose download 1, 2 or 3. Choose “run” twice and then follow the install instructions. Mostly accepting the agreement and clicking “next” several times. The program is now installed, upon reboot or even without reboot you should be able to take screen shots by hitting the button in the upper left hand corner. theres a free 30 day trial and after that if you want to use it the charge is $16.95

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