More on those dubious "paper trails"

From Bob Millman:
The problem is that all electronic voting machines use “trade secret” programming.
And as pointed out in Renee Kovacs’ posting– “when calling for a “paper trail.” What if the voter simply doesn’t use it, does not look at the paper print out to verify it?”
The only useful response I can think of is– support PBOS (paper ballot optical scan), because in filling out the paper ballot, the voter must look at it. It is, by definition, voter verified.
Besides being an obviously more transparent voting system, PBOS is also demonstrably less expensive than DRE.
Almost all media reports on voting systems concentrate on “brand names” like Diebold or Sequoia– Forget the brand names, they’re really all the same– the only real choice in electronic voting systems is PBOS or DRE– One starts with a hand-marked paper ballot and the other doesn’t
It is not necessary to construct or prove a conspiracy theory, just follow the money!
For the machine vendors, the difference between selling PBOS or DRE is like the difference between selling 1 pick-up truck or 20 luxury sedans.
To understand the difference between DRE and PBOS, and the current situation in New York State, go the the following YouTube url
It is a ten minute version of my film, BOUGHT AND SOLD.
Bob Millman
Scotia, NY

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