More disinfo in Maryland

From: Kevin Zeese
Date: November 7, 2006 5:53:43 PM EST
Subject: Maryland politics further debased: Steele campaign hires homeless from Pennsylannia to hand out false literature

In a low for Maryland politics the Steele campaign hired poll workers from the homeless population of Philadelphia to hand out literature that implies Kweisi Mfume and P.G. County Executive Jack Johnson have endorsed Steele. Neither has endorsed Steele and the flier contained a sample ballot that listed Steele and Ehrlich with Democratic choices. They came by the bus load — five buses according to The Washington Post.

This kind of deceptive politics shows political bankruptcy — using desperate people who have no idea what they are doing to fool voters. If either wins their campaign it will be a win with a political blemish that undermines their legitimacy. It is a shame to see politics further debased.
A video of one of the Philadelphia workers can be see on Youtube.

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