Meltdowns in California, Denver, Utah, elsewhere…

More, note the first report here just came in exclusively, from the candidate. — Brad

Orange County CA Candidate Says Machines Down, No Paper Ballots Available
Voters in Predominently Dem Areas Unable to Vote, Some Voting on Paper Ballots in Chinese and Vietnamese as English Ballots Not Available

‘Voting Nightmare’ Reported by Denver Post

Dems Seek Extension of Voting Times after Hundreds of Voters Turned Away from Polls as Machines Fail

‘We Will Not Get to Vote Today’ Says Voter Turned Away After an Hour Who Had Arrived at 6:45amÅ

‘Polling places turn to paper ballots after glitches’
Voting Machine Companies (as expected) Blame ‘Human Error’ (True enough, since the idiots who created these machines, and agreed to use them are most likely ‘human’)
First, they’re not “glitches”Å They are failures!…


Diebold Voting Machines Failing to Start Up in Utah, Voters Being Turned Away

Smartcard Encoders Reportedly Not WorkingÅ Paper Ballots Not Available EverywhereÅ

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