MD Dems sound off like they've got a pair

A Week Later Ehrlich and Steele Still Have Tough Questions to Answer

Maryland GOP Leaders Hiding from Fraudulent Ballots, Dirty Campaign Tactics

Annapolis, MD – Drip, drip, drip. Since November 7th more is learned each day about the fraudulent – and now nationally infamous – “Ehrlich-Steele Democrats” sample ballots mailed into the homes of registered Democrats and distributed to predominantly African-American voters on Election Day. We know Ehrlich and Steele hired homeless people from Philadelphia and bused them to Maryland polling places to hand them out. We know Ehrlich’s and Steele’s campaign paid for the printing according to the partial authority line and the candidates’ spokespeople. [Washington Post, 11.13.06] [Baltimore Sun, 11.07.06]
We know Governor Bob Ehrlich’s and Lt. Gov. Michael Steele’s representatives have tried to justify the attempt to trick voters by calling ithard-nosed” politics. And, we know this sleazy operation angered not only voters but also many of the poor Pennsylvanians hired to distribute the misleading literature. [Philadelphia Daily News, 11.09.06]
“Ehrlich and Steele insulted the intelligence of African-Americans across the state with a shameless stunt meant to confuse and intimidate voters. The Republicans can’t take back what they did, but Marylanders at least deserve an honest answer about how and why this disgraceful strategy came about,” says Terry Lierman, Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party. “If Michael Steele still wants to become a national political figure he better come clean back home in Maryland, first?”
Steele has been rejected by President George Bush and the Republican National Committee for the position of RNC chair. It’s been speculated that he may still be on some short lists for a high federal appointment. While the dirty tricks campaign implemented by Ehrlich, Steele and the Maryland Republican Party has garnered national attention, neither Michael Steele nor Bob Ehrlich has spoken openly and honestly about the tactics they employed. According to reports they are far from alone in their own party when it comes to dirty campaigns. [, 11.09.06]
“I know Ehrlich and Steele pulled the same tricks in 2002 and got away with it but, there should be consequences for trying to fool the voters twice,” says Lierman. “Consistency in dirty campaign tactics shouldn’t be a resume highlight for any political or government official who calls himself a leader.”

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One thing to gloat, another to continue campaigning after you’ve won. These guys just like like asses now.

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