Let's STOP those robocalls!

How to Stop the GOP’S Deceptive Robocalls from Depressing Election Turnout [VIDEO/AUDIO]
By Evan Derkacz and Joshua Holland
Posted on November 6, 2006, Printed on November 6, 2006

With the Midterm Elections well underway the Republican machine is busy cobbling together their latest Cut-Down-The-Vote campaign. Meet “the robocall.”
Your vigilance is needed right now, so take a quick moment to read about what’s going on — today, in your country, in your home — and pass it on to everyone you know. The national TV networks are thus far ignoring the story, so it’s up to you. Tomorrow is too late.

In addition to the phony mailers to Latinos, calls directing voters to nonexistent polls, and a fresh batch of onerous voter ID laws (video, right), this year’s “hanging chad” is the Robocall.

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