Latest word on San Diego, Florida, Arizona, Missouri…

San Diego County Registrar Assigns High School Students as Touchscreen Inspectors!
Sends Thousands of Hackable Diebold Machines Home with the Students on ‘Sleepovers’ for Weeks on End!

Missouri Sec. of State Forced to Show Photo ID at Poll When Voting!
Despite Supreme Court Ruling Which Overturned Restrictive, Unconstitutional Photo ID Law!

VIDEO – Florida Candidate Finds Unattended Voting Machines in Pinnelas County

San Diego Judge Denies Writ Seeking to Force County to Count Paper Ballots as ‘Normal Ballots’ as Ordered by CA Secretary of State
Registrar Mikel Haas’ Promise to Defy the SoS and NOT Count Paper Ballots Until Thursday Moves Forward Helping to Fund Appeal

SALON: New GOP-Pushed ID Laws in Arizona Keeping Voters Away from the Polls
Arizona may be a battleground tomorrow. Here’s an idea, from Art Levine of Salon, of the mess on the ground due to AZ’s disenfranchising new Photo ID laws. Don’t think these laws keep folks from voting? Read on to see how unbelievably difficult it’s become for college students to register to vote in the stateÅ 

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