It is LEGAL to photograph your vote

In Texas, anyway. And if it’s legal there…

Mr. Miller,

I have found in you a voice for all the decent citizens concerns for the political and social climate we find ourselves in, especially the assault on our democratic foundation. Ballot Box manipulation and voter fraud must be a grave issue because all TV stations are covering this topic in detail.

Well, some citizens–Democrats, Republicans and Independents–are doing something about it. We feel privileged to pass this information to you and hope you can distribute this across the nation in time before the election. This could have a national impact if all voters use this safeguard.

Please review the following information. It would be great to hear your response. If you need the PDF file from the office of the Texas Secretary of State clearly outlining that there is no ruling AGAINST voter using the camera to copy his vote for his record, we will be glad to forward it to you..

Lakshmi Devan
United in Spirit And Action. [ USA]
Monday, October 30, 2006 1:55 PM
Subject: Camera
I voted at the Austin Parkway Conference center in Sugar Land Texas..
I took my digital camera with me.
I showed it to the presiding officer at the location.
I asked him if I can take a picture of my “selection pages” i.e., pages listing my selected candidates.
He said “YES”.
“don’t take pictures of others’ selections” was his advice.
I am not interested in others. I want mine for my own record” I said.
I have photos of my selections.
You can have yours too. Take your camera. May be your cell phone does it too.
If this is NOT CONTESTED and if this news spreads, e-machine fraud possibility can be reduced.
Some legal fight is likely.
Is it not my “right” to have a copy of “who I voted for”?
Give it a try.
I spoke with the office of the Secretary of State a few minutes ago. They are quoting the attached document as the basis.In summary only the Poll Watchers cannot make an Audio or video copy of the vote.
There is no legal opinion from the State of Texas on VOTERS.
So Voters can take cameras to the polling booths.
Please make 100s of copies of that legal document and give it to your volunteers at the polling stations.
If someone should object usage of camera show them the Ruling by the State.
Good Luck.

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