Iraqis forced to quarter US troops

What would Sam Adams say? (Not that the British threw the colonists out of their houses….)

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17 November 2006

US army ‘seized Iraqi homes’ 17 Nov 2006 A leading Iraqi lawyer has accused the US army of throwing 211 families, including his, out of their homes. Rabah al-Alwan, head of the Union of Lawyers in al-Anbar governorate in western Iraq, said that the US army has occupied his family’s house and those of with dozens of other families in al-Ramadi, the capital of al-Anbar governorate.

Military may ask $127B for wars –Iraq conflict could cost more than Vietnam War 16 Nov 2006 The Bush regime is preparing its largest spending request yet for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a proposal that could make the conflict the most expensive since World War II. The Pentagon is considering $127 billion to $160 billion in requests from the armed services for the 2007 fiscal year, which began last month, several lawmakers and congressional staff members said. That’s on top of $70 billion already approved for 2007.

Bush ‘Plans 20,000 Troops For Iraq’ 17 Nov 2006 George Bush is thinking about sending 20,000 more troops to Iraq. The president [sic] has told senior advisors the US and its allies need to make a “last big push” to win the Iraq war.

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