Interference in Florida

To whom it may concern,

I just voted (straight Dem) in Tamarac, FL 33321, and when I reached the review screen, two of the candidates were marked “no vote cast.” I informed the poll workers who were apathetic at best; they told me to just go back and fix it. In this specific location, most of the voters are elderly, and were confused about how to use the machines. I doubt many realized that they needed to actively review their selections before pressing the submit button. Who knows how many “no vote cast” marks went unnoticed?


Also, ballot problems caused a 90-minute delay in Deerfield Beach, FL (Broward County)

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The same thing happened to me that happened to the person in Tamarac. I voted in Palm Aire in Pompano Beach.

Two of the democratic candidates I picked came back as “no vote cast.” So I corrected it but bet plenty of elderly people might not realize it if it happened to them.

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