Indiana GOP steals votes, blames Dems

From Cindy Hoffman:

A bit of backstory to the letter below: An employee in the Monroe County, Indiana Clerk’s Office (“R”) became concerned several weeks before the election that the absentee-by-mail ballots for overseas voters were not being prepared to send out on time. She persistently stated her concerns, even suggesting that the Clerk’s Office should pay to send the ballots by overnight mail so that they would arrive in time for voters to complete them and return them by the deadline. The ballots were mailed late from the Clerk’s Office and at least some overseas voters could only get their ballots in on time if they FAXed them to the Clerk’s Office.

“R” was, according to one source, put in charge of the FAXed ballots.

At some point on election day, the Republican member of the local Board of Elections raised a red flag. “R” had been missing for a “suspiciously” long period of time and she had some of the FAXed ballots with her when she was gone/when she returned. Also, she had made a copy of an office key – for the bathroom only she thought, that turned out to be a master key – and she had the key with her when she was gone. The FBI was called in to investigate. (She should not have made a copy of the key – but, as far as I can tell, that was her only mistake.)

The Republican member of the BOE called several members of the local Republican Party, and one – Daniel Aiken – filled out challenges to 19 of the FAXed ballots. I have a PDF that contains the 19 challenge forms, obtained by a FOIA request filed by a local newspaper reporter. Each challenge states “It is my understanding that the voter’s ballot was not secured for some time period after it was cast (perhaps days) and that the ballot was not in bipartisan control.”

A special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate this case of alleged election fraud – committed by “R,” the Clerk’s Office employee who advocated for the overseas voters, and who was assigned to handle their FAXed ballots.

I received the following email over the weekend from someone who has been impacted by this situation. I cannot vouch for the validity of his claim about Indiana election law…

Hello –

I am writing to request that [your group] send someone to the election board meeting on Friday November 17th at noon…. Several months ago at such a meeting the election board voted to discard my ballot, and no one was present to watch this travesty. I want to avoid a repeat.

What has happened: Daniel Aiken (Republican partisan) challenged several overseas voters based on the fact that their ballots were at some point in the custody of an unknown factor. State law does not allow citizens to challenge the validity of a ballot for such reason (or you guys would presumably be doing this right now re: voting machines), but it does allow someone to swear out an affidavit challenging the voter himself. Since Daniel Aiken had no way to know anything at all about these voters (and in fact one of them is a friend of mine and is a legitimate voter), he perjured himself.

On November 17, the elections board will determine the final disposition of these challenged votes.

Also, I intend to lay some groundwork for the public humiliation of the local Republican party. I also intend to see Daniel Aiken behind bars (perjury = class D felony).

So, a farce for sure. Please attend!

Thanks, G.

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