How Anyone, Anywhere Can Defend The Vote!

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How Anyone, Anywhere Can Defend The Vote! announces
National Precinct Tally Capture (NPTC)
Write Down Voting Results from Your Precinct
Upload Results for Real-Time Election Forensics on Election Night!
Go to
(1) Download and print data collection form
(2) Go to your local poll at close of election, and copy data from the posted poll tally tapes
(3) Return to, enter your data in webform, and send
Election Day Rapid Response Data Analysis Project
will compare precinct results to county tabulator results and flag discrepancies


To assist real-time election night data forensics
by the Election Data Analysis Project

How You Can Help

At the County Election Centers:

For Election Returns by Vote Type form and instructions, go to

From Your Computer:

For County Election Returns Download instructions, go to: CaptureCountyReturns

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