Help us monitor Montana's Senate race!

As there’s an excellent chance that the Republicans will try to steal as many races as they need this next Election Day, we need to have as many independent exit polls as possible wherever we can set them up.

There is one critical venue, very high on the watchlist, that we (all cooperating orgs) have not yet been able to cover with any sort of check mechanism: Montana, where the Senate race between Jon Tester and Conrad Burns looms very large.

Montana is important, as Bush’s whopping “victory” there two years ago was, let us say, a bit anomalous, as the Democrats otherwise swept the state there, and the Billings Gazette endorsed John Kerry.

We can get an independent exit poll of high quality done there for $20,000. This is extraordinarily important under the circumstances. The logistical deadline for commissioning is tonight.
Jonathan Simon
Mark Crispin Miller
Election Defense Alliance

If you can help, please contact Jonathan at VerifiedVote2004[at]

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