GOP calls for investigation of…. election fraud!

Wouldn’t you know it!
Just as Thom Hartmann and I have predicted, the perps themselves
are now accusing their own victims of the crimes committed by the
perps themselves.

Now it is surely possible that some sly Democrat(s) in Pennsylvania
tried to pull a fast one with the DRE machines.

Why he (or they) would do so is a little hard to figure, as there
was no need for the Democrats to steal votes in a blue state where
the polls had them ahead. And how he (or they) could do so is no
less mysterious, since Pennsylvania’s DRE machines are largely
under GOP control, just as they were in the last election (when
many Democrats complained that the machines had flipped their
votes for Kerry into votes for Bush). And yet, unlikely though it
seems, it certainly is possible that those mechanical reverses
were the doing of some Pennsylvania Democrat(s).
Even if it’s true, however, those few instances of anti-GOP
vote-flipping are exceptional. On this last Tuesday as on E-Day
in 2004, the vast majority of reported vote-flips benefited the
Republicans–as nearly all the glitches, snafus and anomalies
in these elections under Bush have benefited the Republicans.
By stressing (or inventing) these alleged anti-GOP vote-flips
in Pennsylvania, the GOP is not attempting, in good faith,
to spotlight real electoral problems, but only to confuse the
issue, and protect the GOP itself, through a bold stroke of
pre-emptive propaganda. Thus have Bush & Co. always plotted
to deflect attention from their own high crimes and misdemeanors,
by Swift-Boating their adversaries in one way or another.
It’s a sleazy tactic-and it’s got to stop. As this last Election Day
made very clear, the people are too smart to fall for such a stunt,
which tells us who the guilty party really is. Now it would be
helpful if the Democrats would take this golden opportunity to
prosecute that party, thereby starting up, at last, the all-important
process of reforming our debased election system.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

HARRISBURG – Republican State Committee Executive Director Scott Migli today released the attached letter from counsel Lawrence Tabas to Secretary of Commonwealth Pedro Cortes.

The letter alerts Secretary Cortes of the numerous issues voters have encountered while trying to cast their ballot. There has been reported instances in at least 12 different counties of voters who tried to cast their ballot for a Republican candidate only to have the machine register a vote for a Democratic candidate.

Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania
Office of the General Counsel
301 Market Street, 9th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17101

November 7, 2006

VIA FACSIMILE (717) 787-1734
Hon. Pedro A. Cortes
Secretary of the Commonwealth
302 N. Office Bldg.Harrisburg, PA 17120
Dear Secretary Cortes:

As you are aware, there have been a number of reported instances today from the Counties throughout the Commonwealth, including but not limited to Allegheny, Butler, Westmoreland, Centre, Lackawanna, Erie, Bucks, Lancaster, Lebanon, Luzerne, Cumberland and Crawford Counties, where voters have attempted to vote for Republican candidates on voting machines (the “Voting Machines”) and these same Voting Machines incorrectly reflected either that those same voters voted the straight Democratic ticket or voted for the opposing Democratic candidates on a split ticket. Such malfunctions effectively disenfranchise voters and the results of the election may be inaccurate.

Because the Secretary of the Commonwealth must approve all Voting Machines for use in elections, we would respectfully request that you immediately take steps to investigate these reports of Voting Machines that malfunctioned, and that you determine the following:

a) the identity of the Voting Machines that were miscalibrated and/or malfunctioned and the serial numbers for those machines;
b) the precincts or divisions where the Voting Machines were located;
c) what time the malfunctions occurred;
d) whether technicians were called to repair the Voting Machines;
e) what time technicians arrived to repair the Voting Machines;
f) the names and contact information for the technicians who repaired these machines;
g) what exactly the technicians did to repair the Voting Machines;
h) how many voters cast ballots on the Voting Machines prior to recalibration; and
i) whether recalibration of a Voting Machine affects votes already cast on that Voting Machine.;

We also ask that you issue instructions to every County to not recalibrate any Voting Machine that has been identified as being miscalibrated, but rather impound the Voting Machine. Additionally, we request that a sufficient number of emergency ballots be provided to these affected Counties so that no voter loses his/her right to vote.

Secretary Cortes

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


cc: Harry Van Sickle, Commissioner
Hon. Thomas Corbett, Attorney General
Albert H. Masland, Chief Counsel to the Department of State

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One letter from a GOP official in Pennsylvania does not qualify as some massive we-wuz-robbed campaign by the Republicans. What a pathetic attempt to salvage last month’s ridiculous conspiracy theory.

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