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07 November 2006 – AM Edition

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Coup 2006 Updated!

This is a test of the Emergency Alert System: Vote for Dick Mountjoy! By Justin Beck 06 Nov 2006 In an apparent violation of FCC rules, conservative talk radio station KFBK 1530 AM in Sacramento transmitted a paid political advertisement to an unknown number of other stations in the area, using the federal Emergency Alert System (EAS), thus automatically forcing the ad onto the stations’ airwaves. This is according to a press release issued today by KDVS FM, a non-commercial community station in Davis that received and inadvertently aired the transmission. The advertisement is for Richard “Dick” Mountjoy, the Republican running against incumbent Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Senior Dems Call for Probe of GOP Robo-Calls By Justin Rood 06 Nov 2006 Two high-ranking Democrats are asking the Justice Department, the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Election Commission to investigate harassing GOP robo-calls we’ve been reporting on.

Second GOP Firm Tied to Harassing Robo-Calls By Justin Rood 06 Nov 2006 Earlier today, Paul connected harassing “false-flag” robo-calls in a number of congressional districts to the National Republican Congressional Committee, via the firm they appear to have paid to carry out the calls. That firm, Conquest Communications Group, was responsible for NRCC-backed calls in 20 House races. Now, Paul has found a second firm calling voters in another 10 House districts on behalf of the NRCC.

NRCC Robo-Calls Hitting 20 Districts By Paul Kiel 06 Nov 2006 Over at TPM, we’ve been keeping tabs on the robo-calls being done by the National Republican Congressional Committee all over the country… Counter to FCC rules, which require that the caller identify themselves early on in the call, the calls only reveal that they are paid for by the NRCC at the end of the call.

According to TPMmuckraker, the Robo-calls are produced by a firm called Conquest Communications. Conquest Communications phone: 804-358-0560. FAX: 804-213-0797. The street address is 2812 Emerywood Parkway, Suite 103, Richmond, Virginia 23294.

Election Fixing Charges Fly in Utah County 06 Nov 2006 Voting appears to be very popular in Daggett County, Utah. Daggett County has registered 947 voters for Tuesday’s election. According to the most recent Census figures, that’s four more than the county’s population in 2005. Democrats suspect County Clerk Vickie McKee is letting outsiders swell the Daggett County registration rolls to give Republicans an advantage. The Democrats also say the father of a Republican deputy running for sheriff has 14 adults registered at his household.

Rove poised to steal CT: 25 Towns to Use Optical Scan 06 Nov 2006 For this election, 25 towns across Connecticut will be using optical scan technology. In the 25 towns, voters sign in as usual and then are given a sheet and escorted to a private area to fill out votes and place it in a machine to be ‘counted.’

Judge Rejects ACLU Lawsuit Over Absentee Ballots 06 Nov 2006 (MD) The American Civil Liberties Union failed to persuade a Circuit Court judge Monday to extend by 24 hours the deadline for voters to mail their absentee ballots to local election boards. The suit filed by the ACLU and other parties alleged that some voters would be disenfranchised because their requests for absentee ballots were not processed by local boards in time for voters to receive them and then have them postmarked by the Monday deadline.

Detainees’ Access to Lawyers Is Security Risk, C.I.A. Says 05 Nov 2006 The Central Intelligence Agency and the Justice Department have told a federal court that permitting lawyers access to high-level Qaeda suspects without tighter secrecy procedures could damage national security by revealing harsh “alternative interrogation methods” used in secret C.I.A. prisons overseas.

Swift justice, then Swift bootedNavy attorney is ousted after victory for Gitmo inmate By Bob Drury 05 Nov 2006 Not just any attorney, but a U.S. Navy judge advocate general’s corps attorney. A uniformed officer who stood defiant against his superiors in the name of America’s judicial values. A JAG attorney who took the case of an abject, illiterate Arab detainee all the way to the Supreme Court and won – casting his client, no less, “as an innocent victim in the dungeon of King George.” By doing so, this heroic sailor proved to the world that our legal system is not a sham. And if anyone in authority had a clue, Lt. Commander Charles Swift would now be the poster boy for American legal values. This, alas, is not to be. Two weeks after the Supreme Court ruled in Swift’s favor in Hamdan vs. Rumsfeld, the Navy fired him.

EU to investigate secret CIA jails in Poland 07 Nov 2006 A delegation of the European Council will arrive in Warsaw on Tuesday to start a three-day probe into alleged secret CIA prisons in Poland, the Polish Press Agency reported.

Cost of Taking Fuel to Iraq Is Questioned 07 Nov 2006 A Halliburton subsidiary charged the Iraqi government as much as $25,000 per month for each of as many as 1,800 fuel trucks that were to deliver gasoline to Iraq after the 2003 invasion, but the trucks often spent days or weeks sitting idle on the border, says a report released yesterday by an auditing agency sponsored by the United Nations. …The agency said the findings raised new questions about hundreds of millions of dollars billed by the company under a $2.4 billion contract that the Army awarded on the eve of the conflict to KBR, the Halliburton subsidiary formerly known as Kel

logg Brown & Root.

72 people found dead across Iraq by daybreak 07 Nov 2006 Despite one of the tightest security crackdowns this year, the US military said three more Americans had died and police said 72 people were found dead across Iraq by daybreak. Iraq’s Government has imposed the open-ended curfew on Baghdad and the edgy provinces of Diyala and Salahuddin, closed its international airport, added checkpoints and stepped up police patrols with the US military. All leave for Iraqi soldiers was cancelled.

Saddam will be hanged ‘by end-January’ 06 Nov 2006 The former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein will be hanged by the end of January, a senior member of Nouri al-MalikiÕs Dawa party predicted today as an around-the-clock curfew kept the lid on ‘sectarian’ [US] violence after the deposed dictator was sentenced to death. [Surely, Hussein can’t hang *alone* for war crimes; the replacement ‘Shock & Awe’ regime has trumped Saddam Hussein in the war crimes department.]

I asked Yasso the obvious question, “Was it better under Saddam?” Quickly and emphatically, he replied, “Much better, yes.” Is George W. Bush Clinically Insane? By Bill Gallagher 06 Nov 2006 [George W.] Bush goes well beyond gutter rhetoric and the politics of desperation. He is a delusional madman and a disgrace to our national heritage… The man who ran for the presidency claiming “I’m a uniter, not a divider” is one of the most divisive figures in American history and he will only get worse as his fiasco in Iraq continues to spiral into the abyss and the nation unravels… Republican House Majority Leader John Boehner tried to shift responsibility for the Iraq disaster away from Rumsfeld. Boehner quickly filled the disgraced Tom DeLay’s shoes as the most loathsome member of Congress. [LOL! But that distinction goes to Joe LieberBush.]

Five More U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq 06 Nov 2006 Two American soldiers were killed aboard a helicopter that crashed in Iraq today, and three U.S. service members died over the weekend from fighting in the country’s volatile Anbar province, the U.S. military said.

Dutch soldier refusing service in Afghanistan convicted without punishment 07 Nov 2006 A Dutch military court convicted a soldier for refusing to be redeployed to Afghanistan, but spared him punishment because he was suffering post-traumatic stress from the earlier service of duty. The court in the central city of Arnhem said in a written judgment that both the soldier and the armed forces were responsible to deal with the negative consequences of a mission, such as post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Red Cross Descries Shooting of Medics 06 Nov 2006 The International Red Cross Committee condemned Friday’s shooting of two Palestinian Red Crescent Moon medics during an Israeli military operation against the Gaza strip. The medics, who were wearing the appropriate clothing signalling they were part of the International Red Cross, were trying to recover a corpse in the bombing that has left over 50 dead and dozens wounded.

Leftist Headed Toward Victory in Nicaragua 07 Nov 2006 Sixteen years after he left power, Daniel Ortega, a former Marxist president and the Sandinista leader, appeared headed to a victory on Monday in the Nicaraguan presidential election.

Explosions damage offices in Mexico City 06 Nov 2006 Homemade bombs exploded early Monday at the Federal Electoral Tribunal, a bank branch and the headquarters of the former ruling party in the country’s capital.

British terrorist plotted wave of attacks to emulate 11 September 07 Nov 2006 A senior British al-Qa’ida [al-CIAduh] terrorist plotted to emulate the 9/11 attacks and the Madrid train bombings to kill thousands of people in London and New York, a court has been told.

Muslim officer sacked from guarding Blair 07 Nov 2006 An experienced Muslim firearms officer has begun race and religious discrimination proceedings against the Metropolitan Police after he was removed from a close-protection unit guarding senior dignitaries, including Tony Blair.

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[06 November lead stories] Military services seek $160 billion extra to cover war costs 03 Nov 2006 The military services and defense agencies have requested as much as $160 billion in supplemental spending for the remainder of fiscal 2007 — a staggering figure that would bring wartime costs this year to $230 billion, defense sources said Friday.

Cheney: U.S. Will Continue ‘Full-Speed Ahead’ in Iraq 05 Nov 2006 The United States will go “full-speed ahead” in implementing the strategy [?!?] in Iraq and wonÕt be swayed by political pressures or “because itÕs hard going,” Vice President [sic] Richard B. Cheney reaffirmed today. “The president has made clear what his objective is: ItÕs victory in Iraq,” Cheney said this morning on ABCÕs This Week. “ItÕs full speed ahead on that basis, and thatÕs exactly what weÕre going to do.”

‘Involuntary mobilizations of the reserves’ Possible Iraq Deployments Would Stretch Reserve –Force Leaders Express Concern Over Troop Rotation Plans 05 Nov 2006 The Army’s National Guard and Reserve are bracing for possible new and accelerated call-ups, spurred by high demand for U.S. troops in Iraq, that leaders caution could undermine the citizen-soldier force as it struggles to rebuild. Two Army National Guard combat brigades with about 7,000 troops have been identified recently in classified rotational plans for possible special deployment to Iraq, according to senior Army and Pentagon officials, who asked that the specific units not be named. A more sweeping policy shift is under consideration that would allow the Pentagon to launch a new wave of involuntary mobilizations of the reserves, as a growing proportion of Guard and Reserve soldiers are nearing a 24-month limit on time deployed, they said.

The Difference Two Years Made (The New York Times) 05 Nov 2006 Republican leaders, particularly in th
e House, have developed
toxic symptoms of an overconfident majority that has been too long in power… Their only mission seems to be self-perpetuation. The current Republican majority managed to achieve that burned-out, brain-dead status in record time, and with a shocking disregard for the most minimal ethical standards… For us, the breaking point came over the Republicans’ attempt to undermine the fundamental checks and balances that have safeguarded American democracy since its inception. …[O]ver the past two years, the White House has made it clear that it claims sweeping powers that go well beyond any acceptable limits. Rather than doing their duty to curb these excesses, the Congressional Republicans have dedicated themselves to removing restraints on the presidentÕs ability to do whatever he wants… After the revelations about the abuse, torture and illegal detentions in Abu Ghraib, Afghanistan and Guantýnamo Bay, Congress shielded the Pentagon from any responsibility for the atrocities its policies allowed to happen. On the eve of the election, and without even a pretense at debate in the House, Congress granted the White House permission to hold hundreds of noncitizens in jail forever, without due process, even though many of them were clearly sent there in error… It is frightening to contemplate the new excesses he [Bush] could concoct if he woke up next Wednesday and found that his party had maintained its hold on the House and Senate. [a must read]

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