DRE meltdown–and yet the US press says all went well!

For those Americans not suffering from amnesia, there’s something scarily familiar
in the crackpot split between what’s really happened and the press’s pollyanna version
of that painful truth. Just as in 2004, when all the media quite pointedly ignored the
countless loud reports of vote suppression and machine malfunction coast to coast,
the same thing has been happening again.
I’ve already sent out several items on the over-sanguine fictions vended by the
corporate media since the sun came up last Tuesday morning: “ABC concocts
‘a bright note'” and “Two items on the NBC/GOP partnership,” both mailed on
Election Day. There’s also “US press still in denial,” mailed out on Nov, 10. (Those
items are up on blog, at
And Kat L’Estrange has also sent me this one–from the BBC! It is especially
troubling, as the US e-voting industry proceeds to push their wares abroad:
US voting machines reliable as ever

Voter bashes one up with paperweight
By: INQUIRER newsdesk Wednesday 08 November 2006, 13:33
ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES used in the US mid-term elections have been found to be a tad glitch-happy, reports the BBC.

The electronic voting machines are fairly new and have been widely replacing traditional voting systems such as punch-card machines.

Precincts in Indiana and Ohio have had their voting delayed thanks to electronic glitches, and have had their voting hours extended. Supposedly, there are areas in Tennessee and Colorado which have extended voting hours at their polling stations.

BBC respondant Justin Webb says that if the election results are clear one way or another, the glitches won’t make for much of a problem, however, if there’s little in it, eyebrows should possibly be raised.

Ilinois, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida and Maryland have also ran into trouble with electronic voting, though it’s reported that the glitches were only minor.
So, friends, it is, to say the least, important that we keep on circulating the unhappy
news that those machines were, once again, a massive flop. For instance, this just in
from the excellent BradBlog:


More Votes than Voters in Arkansas, Thousands of Votes Missing
in Florida and Zero Votes Recorded for One Mayoral Candidate
Paperless iVotronic Touch-screen Systems Report Unprecedented Voter Turnout
in one AR County, Thousands of Undervotes in U.S. House, Attorney General Race in
Four FL Counties
Zero Votes Recorded on ES&S System for Mayoral Candidate in Small Town
Orlando Sentinel’s coverage on Friday began with these incredible words [emphasis ours]:

Touch-screen-voting machines in at least four Florida counties recorded unusually high percentages of ballots with no votes in Tuesday’s election – a sign that new electronic-ballot machines may not be as foolproof as hoped.

“Not as foolproof as hoped”?!
Just who exactly are the fools they’re referring to there?…

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