Disinfo in Pennsylvania!

We have received several reports, including from the news media, that misinformation about voting is circulating in Pennsylvania.
Citizens are being told that the best way to ensure their vote is counted is to “write in” every choice.
This is absolutely incorrect! If a candidate’s name is on the ballot, you can not write it in.
“Write-ins” are strictly for names not appearing on ballot.
Even though PA lacks Voter Verified Paper Ballots, a write-in is not a solution but rather a loss of your vote
If you have any questions now thru election day, please call 1-866-OUR-VOTE , the Election Protection hotline
Also the Coalition for Voting Integrity will be manning a hotline on election day for Pennsylvania, collecting data on poll problems or questions: 215-589-1925. Data that you supply can help us improve the voting system. Please provide complete description of issue, polling place and where we may contact you
Thank you
Mary Ann Gould

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