Diebold's new disinformation

merely echoes the media’s post-election spin.


From Jason Leopold: This is Diebold’s press release…

Diebold Voting Systems Used Successfully in Many Parts of the Nation

ALLEN, Texas, Nov. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — On Election Day 2006,
voters in many states across the nation used electronic voting technology
from Diebold Election Systems to cast their votes and sign in at polling
locations. Ballots cast across the states of Georgia, Maryland,
Mississippi, Utah and elsewhere were counted accurately and securely by
election officials using Diebold touch-screen and optical scan electronic
voting machines.

While there were some minor problems – both human and technical – that
are typical in every election, voters cast their ballots on Diebold
electronic voting machines with confidence and ease.

“Overall, this election has gone remarkably well. It was a normal
Election Day across the state,” said Mississippi Secretary of State Eric
Clark. “Given that Mississippi is using more than 6,000 new voting machines
in 77 counties, I am delighted with what our election officials have

Utah Lieutenant Governor Gary Herbert said, “Utah ran an excellent
statewide election using Diebold equipment. Because of the hard work of our
county officials and the tireless support from Diebold, Utahns rest at ease
today knowing that every vote cast has been counted safely and securely.”

Approximately 70 percent of Diebold touch-screen machines that were
used on Election Day have a voter-verifiable paper record and all use
independently tested technology and security protocols. All 24,700 Diebold
optical scan machines used across the country during the election have a
fully auditable paper ballot. Also during the election, 13,400 Diebold
Express Poll electronic poll books were used to speed and increase the
accuracy of the voter check-in process in Maryland and Georgia.

In addition, touch-screen machines, including the 130,000 Diebold
touch- screen machines used across the country, have accessibility features
that let seniors and people with vision disabilities cast their votes with
assurance and pride. Also, ballots displayed on touch-screen machines and
printed for use with optical scan machines gave many voters the ability to
vote in the language of their choice.

“Electronic voting significantly reduces voter error. Over and under-
voting, problems that plagued the 2000 presidential election, are down
dramatically and electronic voting has no ‘hanging chads,’ as voter intent
is extremely clear,” said Dave Byrd, president, Diebold Election Systems.
“Local election officials and poll workers did a great job in setting up
our machines and managing minor issues to deliver accurate results to
election headquarters across the country. We owe all of them a debt of
gratitude. While there is always room for improvement and the process will
get even better with repetition, we believe Election Day 2006 was a
significant step forward for the broad acceptance of electronic voting.”

Diebold Election Systems, Inc. is a wholly owned operating subsidiary
of Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD), a global leader in providing
integrated self-service delivery systems and services. Headquartered in
Allen, Texas, Diebold Election Systems provides high-quality voting
technology to jurisdictions of all sizes, along with comprehensive service
and support capability, and is committed to elections accuracy, security
and integrity. For more information on Diebold Election Systems, visit the
company’s Web site at, or call 1-800-433-VOTE.

SOURCE Diebold Election Systems, Inc.

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