Correction on the dirty tricks in Maryland, and more


I think Kevin Zeese got it wrong. The homeless from PA and DE,
arriving by buses in Maryland, were used to hand out a “sample
ballot” that listed R- Gov Ehrlich and R- Senate candidate Michael
Steele as Democrats. They were not involved in distributing the

The flyer was mailed and arrived in voters’ mailboxes Monday. It
implied that two prominent African Americans were supporting Ehrlich
and Steele when they were not. A third, pictured, did support them.

A pretty desperate,sloppy effort in a region where so much of the
media lives. It is also an indication of the sophistication of
African American voters in discerning the underlining motivation in
politics. They saw right through Michael Steele. It is very much to
their credit and political accumen. I wish all Americans were as

I hope the attention played to vote suppression nationally this year
will begin to heal the wounds from 2004 and 2000 (and the long past),
when the community’s votes were so blatantly suppressed and the
outcry was not heard. I will never forget the courage of the
Congressional Black Caucus in contesting the Electoral College vote
in both recent presidential elections. They have often been the
voice of Democrats, when that voice is heard.

Mary Kiraly


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