Clint Curtis will NOT concede!

Do what you can to help him out!


WASHINGTON, Nov. 14 /U.S. Newswire/ — Clint Curtis, Democratic Party
Candidate for Florida’s 24th Congressional District, announced that
he will not concede defeat in his race to unseat Rep. Tom Feeney
“until every vote is actually counted.” He is considering mounting a
legal challenge to the election results.

“In this election, the results did not match the Zogby pre- election
poll, our internal polling, or our exit polling,”
Curtis said. “These anomalies need to be investigated and cleared up,
not just in my race but for every district where the count just
doesn’t add up.” Curtis says he has informed the Supervisor of
Elections office in all four counties in FL-24 that he is considering
a challenge.

Curtis continued, “The right to vote and to have that vote counted
accurately is the very foundation of our democracy, and I owe it to
the voters in my district and the state of Florida to continue to
push for accurate, honest elections.

As an internationally recognized election integrity advocate, Curtis
has worked tirelessly for over five years to correct issues in
America’s broken election system. As a congressional candidate,
Curtis now has the legal standing to pursue an investigation into the

Curtis plans to examine precinct numbers and personally contact
voters, to “tie the voter to the vote.” “This will either confirm the
official results or indicate discrepancies,” he said.

Curtis says several Florida candidates have already contacted him
regarding mounting possible challenges in their races, as well.
Without data from pre-election, concurrent election and post-election
polls, however, they have additional challenges ahead in verifying
their results, but the Curtis campaign has offered assistance with
the statistical analysis of data and organization of volunteers for
voter verification.

The Campaign Manager, Marty Ward, is actively seeking concerned
citizens to assist in contacting the voters, and invites all those
interested in free, transparent, fair elections to participate in
this historic effort to restore integrity and accuracy to Florida’s
and the nation’s electoral system. The campaign is asking for
volunteers and is collecting contributions to help mount this
challenge at

“I can accept that the citizens across the state of Florida were out
of step with the rest of the country, as long as we know that this
election truly reflects their intent.” Curtis said. For more
information, please visit

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