Black propaganda in Maryland

From AP reported by ABC News:
Nov. 7, 2006 – Democratic officials in Prince George’s County, Md., are up in arms over a last-minute GOP flier that voters received in the mail Monday.
The green-and-red mailer claims to be an official voting guide. It includes the pictures of three prominent Democratic African-American leaders – County Executive Jack Johnson; his predecessor, Wayne Curry; and former NAACP president Kweisi Mfume – and it implies that they support incumbent Republican Gov. Robert Ehrlich and GOP senatorial candidate Michael Steele.

The sentence beneath the photos reads: “These are our choices.” However, none of the three leaders have endorsed the governor, and only one said he supported Steele.
Sharese DeLeaver, spokeswoman for the Ehrlich campaign, told ABC News that the mailer “reaffirms the governor’s support for Jack Johnson.”
The flier states clearly that it is paid for by the Ehrlich and Steele campaigns. The Prince George’s County executive plans to hold a press conference later today to denounce the misleading flier.

Additional reporting by The Associated Press

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