Bernard Weiner on GOP robocalling


Karl Rove’s Last-Minute “Robocalling” Tactic to Steal the Election

By Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers

We all waited for Karl Rove’s “October Surprise,” but it turns out he saved
it for the final 72 hours before Election Day. It’s been termed “robocalling,”
and Democratic and swing voters urgently need to hear about it in these last
moments before voting.

In various key states and districts, Republicans have initiated this dirty
“robocalling” trick. Here, based on preliminary reporting coming in — and Josh
Marshall’s website ( is right on it — is how it

On an automatic-redial system, registered Democrats are called again and
again and again and again, at any time during the day or night, to hear what
appears to be a message from the Democratic Party in support of the local
Democratic Senate or House candidate. The object is to harass and
annoy the hell out of
these voters, to the point that they’ll take out their anger on the
Democratic candidate by not voting for him or her, or maybe deciding
not to vote in the
election at all.

In other words, yet another version of voter suppression in tight races,
reminiscent of what Republican operatives (with ties to the White House) were
convincted of in New Hampshire last year. In that case, involving the
2002 Senate
election, the Republicans automatic-redialed the Democratic Party
headquarters’ phone lines in the final days before the election so
that the Dems’
get-out-the-vote campaign was totally jammed and rendered useless.
The GOP candidate
won the election. (Check out the story at
. )

The point here is that these 2006 “robocalling” attacks aimed at Democrats
are happening at the last minute, and many Democrats may believe them
to be real
and get thoroughly pissed off at the Democratic candidates and decide to not
vote for them or to stay home and not vote at all.

Our job today, the last day before most voters will go to the polls, is to
get the word out across the country, alerting Democrats about this desperation
GOP tactic — and traditional Republicans and swing voters as well, who, if
they found out about this despicable ploy, might well be appalled at
what’s being
done to manipulate the vote. Let’s shine the light of truth on these rats.

Bob Fertik at recommends the following: “It’s too late for
legal action or even newspaper stories. If you receive one of these
calls, write
down the time and candidate and call every radio and TV show you can and urge
everyone listening to vote against the disgusting Republican dirty tricksters.
And [[ write an email and ]] forward this email to everyone you know so they
aren’t fooled by Karl Rove’s dirty trick.”

The Republicans aver that they’re doing nothing “illegal” by making their
last-minute phone calls to voters, but it would be a tragedy for our democratic republic if their dastardly tactic worked, only to indict
and convict these guys a year from now for trying to subvert the electoral process.

Apparently, there are variations of last-minute push-phoning in use as well.
In the tight Tennessee Senate race between Repubican Bob Corker and Democrat
Harold Ford Jr., calls are being received by African-American voters, among
others, saying that if they voted for Ford in the primary, they don’t need to
vote again in tomorrow’s general election.

The lesson: Stay alert, get the word out, get Democratic voters to the polls
tomorrow in huge, landslide numbers. We can’t let Rove & his minions steal
yet another election.

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