Are those challenges in Maryland a ruse?

From Steve R.:


Hi. Just remember that the vote challenges were the great football fake of
the 2004 elections in Ohio. The GOP threatened the polling place challenges,
and Dems rose like fish to the bait – citing echos of Jim Crow – as well
they should. But in Ohio in 2004 this was a great diversionary tactics, to
draw attention away from the GOP vote-padding and vote-count fraud in the
rural areas, where the GOP was going to win anyway, but not by the margins
in the certified results. Obviously it’s not an either-or scenario. But
don’t allow the emotion of Jim Crow to distract from the ghost of Boss
Tweed. Yes the Republicans want to undermine Democratic turnout. But they
also want to game the counting. They did both in Ohio in 2004, which was hot
they “won.”

Steve R

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