ABC concocts "a bright note"

Remember how, two years ago, the media kept
chattering blithely that the races nationwide were
going off without a hitch? Remember all that happy
talk–“no problems” reported anywhere!–even as
there were, in fact, huge problems everywhere?

Welcome to 2006! The more things change….

From ABC News:

Virginia Intimidation:
Voter Threatened With Criminal
Charges In Recorded Phone Message
November 07, 2006 1:35 PM

….On a bright note, Board of Elections analyst Clay Landa reports to the AP that turnout could reach 65% and there have been no reported problems with touch screen voting.
November 7, 2006.

Well, isn’t that nice!
Too bad it isn’t true….

4) Voter Machine Problems.
a. On many ballots in heavily Democratic neighborhoods, Jim’s name is cut off. The ballots say: “James H. (Jim)” with no Webb.
b. New reports that ballots in Essex County have Jim’s name split on 2 pages. The “James H (Jim)” on one page, “Webb” on the next.
c. Reports of voting machines in Isle of White that do not provide a clear image of the ballot, making voting a challenge.

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