75,000 ballots still uncounted in Riverside, CA

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From David Roth
75,000 Votes Not Counted!

Dear Friends and Supporters

Like many of you, we were stunned to find out late last evening that there remain over 75,000 votes yet to be counted in our County — including, unbelievably, EVERY SINGLE ABSENTEE VOTE cast in my race against Mary Bono. That’s right, NOT ONE of the absentee votes cast in Riverside County has been counted yet by the Riverside County Registrar of Voters — and according to their offices, as of today they are still “only in the process of verifying signatures, and have not yet begin to count the ballots.”

Of the 75,000 uncounted votes, it is possible that around 40,000 apply to my race in the 45th Congressional District

While we have absolutely no idea how these uncounted absentee, provisional and paper ballots might affect the numbers in my race (and in dozens of other races in the County), it is clear that they will change many percentages and perhaps even election outcomes. So while many candidates have already claimed victory and others conceded defeat, the fact is that over 28% of the votes cast in Riverside County have not yet been counted.

Our team and the Democratic Party are monitoring the situation and we will keep you updated if and as events warrant. We also encourage you to reach out to Riverside County officials to demand that EVERY VOTE in this historic election be counted, and quickly.

Again, thanks for the outpouring of support for me and my family…and all my very, very best….


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