Vote-flipping in Florida–and more!

A few updates now to our previous coverage of the Stephanie Miller Death Threat letter including audio of the phone call this morning, link to the video of the Fox “News” interview which started it all, and the revelation of more letters from the prolific and insidious “Sock”! All here:

As to further troubling news today now below… — Brad


MIAMI HERALD: Touch-Screen Votes Hopping from Democrats to Republicans in South Florida!
ES&S iVotronic Machine Same as Those Reportedly Flipping Votes in Missouri Senate Race in St. Louis County
[UPDATED: Yet Another Report, from Tampa Bay Tribune, of Votes Hopping from Democratic Candidates to Republicans!]

ED NOTE: Bring video cameras with you to the polls when voting! Especially on touch-screen systems!



San Diego County Registrar Sends Pre-Programmed, Election-Ready, Hackable Diebold Touch-Screen Voting Machines Home With Pollworkers on ‘Sleepovers’ More Than Three Weeks Prior to Election!
One of the Country’s Worst Places to Votes, Led By One of the Country’s Worst Election Administrators, Mikel Haas, Instructs Poll Workers to NOT Tell Voters They May Vote on Paper Ballots if They Wish
An EXCLUSIVE First-Hand Account and Photos of Delusional Election Director’s Irresponsible Scheme

More than 10,000 pre-programmed election-ready Diebold touch-screen voting machines, to be used for the first time across the entirety of San Diego County this November 7th, are now in the cars, garages, homes and hands of poll workers and lord knows who else across one of Southern California’s largest voting regions.

As well, Registrar Haas appears set to defy the California Secretary of State by not counting paper ballots as “normal ballots” on Election Night!…



OHIO MELTDOWN ’06: New Last-Minute Reversal in Buckeye State’s Voter ID Laws Plunges State of Elections Into Chaos!
Would You Expect Anything Less?

Chaos is now reigning down on the voters of Ohio. Anyone surprised?


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