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Dear Truth Seekers:
Most of you recall the fiasco of the 2004 exit polls; they were “massaged” by the MSM so that they matched dubious outcomes of elections in a number of key races. Part of the fallout of this fiasco was that a concerted effort was made to debunk the usefulness of exit polls in principle–after they had proved themselves over the years as *reliable* early indicators of actual election results. And, when there were statistically anomalous discrepancies between poll results and final vote counts, they served as red flags that SOMETHING WAS WRONG WITH THE VOTE COUNTS. This very reliability made it imperative for those wishing to control election outcomes to discredit those pesky exit polls.

But this whitewash–or “blackwash”–of exit polls has not erased their inherent value. “Adjusting” exit polls to match “reality” is truly the tail wagging the dog. We still need exit polls, but we need *independent exit polls* (IEPs) that no one will be able to “adjust” to match a constructed reality. The “constructed reality” is where the adjustments are needed.

END OF PREAMBLE. Please read on. Please respond with a donation to EDA’s Independent Exit Polls Project. The IEP donations page is just one click away ( http://electiondefensealliance.org/independent_exit_polls ). Please circulate this email to your lists. We must support EDA, Jonathan Simon, Mark Crispin Miller, Greg Palast, Bev Harris, and all of the American citizens in groups around the country who are dedicating themselves to the integrity of our elections. The ability of “We, the People” to lead this country out of the morass it finds itself in depends first and foremost on transparent, fair elections and for this we need independent exit polls, so we can figure out when votes have been hacked. A quick response of even a few thousand dollars will motivate bigger donors to step up to the plate. Time is of the essence. Don’t fail. xoxo K

Dear Friends:

YOUR HELP IS URGENTLY NEEDED to finance Independent Election Polls (IEPs) in Election 2006.

Election Defense Alliance (EDA) is ready to hire a well-respected international firm to do independent exit polls in November. Polls that won’t be “adjusted” to conform to the “official” outcomes, as happened with the 2004 exit polls, owned by the media.

Only your donations can make this happen. A minimum of $400,000 must be received by Friday, October 13.

Go to http://electiondefensealliance.org/independent_exit_polls, EDA’s Independent Exit Polls donations page

This effort is being organized by Jonathan Simon and his associates at EDA. Jonathan is the analyst who captured images of the raw data from the 2004 exit polls (which were mistakenly put up on the CNN website for a short while), which showed a clear Kerry win. More than ever, in Election 2006 we need independent exit polls to verify election results. We urgently need your help to fund this expensive but indispensable effort.


Please give as generously as you can: Without free, honest, and transparent elections, what will be left of our democracy? This is indeed a critcal election.


Activists in states such Maryland, which have statewide paperless touchscreen voting machines, have been desperately seeking a way to validate the true intent of voters. Our only hope is a national exit poll that can truly capture the will of voters.

The national media consortium’s 2004 original exit poll data appeared only briefly on TV screens nationwide, clearly indicating a win for John Kerry. In those moments before the original data disappeared, Jonathan Simon was able to capture the results in 46 states. Then the polls mysteriously disappeared from view and, in their place, poll results that had been “adjusted” appeared that confirmed the “official” outcome of a Bush win.

Simon published his data, as well as his analyses, and others, including Steve Freeman, based their work on Jonathan’s data. Steve Freeman’s comprehensive study led to the challenge to the official election results that many of us have come to know so well.

Now Simon, Freeman, and many other computer experts and statisticians are determined to raise enough money to have independent exit polls targeted at pivotal races in place for the upcoming elections on November 7. This project is being coordinated through Election Defense Alliance.

Go to http://electiondefensealliance.org/independent_exit_polls , the IEP donations page.

PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY. The upcoming election is pivotal and may be our last chance to right the American shiop of state.

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