Two more GOPedophiles!

Two more child predators HONORED by GOP!!

Submitted by Zee on Tue, 10/03/2006 – 11:07am.

It seems INCREDIBLE, but in 2002 the National Republican Campaign Committee named first ONE, then ANOTHER child molester “Republican of the Year!”

Why don’t they just change the honor to “Child GOPredator of the Year?”

The Republican from VA molested 2 of his own kids, plus 4 more and was sentenced to 26 years in prison. The Colorado Republican was also convicted on 6 counts of sex crimes, but apparently, the NRCC never got the memos on these two it tried to honor!

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  1. Well, at least they were caught, convicted and imprisoned. I don’t hear of any GOP members rallying round these predators AFTER they became fully aware of the crimes. Clearly, no strings were “pulled” for their GOP colleagues because they were convicted–which, when it comes to crimes against a child in America, is virtually unheard of–is something that rarely ever happens.

    But, believe you me, if they were Democrats from California, they’d be free as a lark–the story would have NEVER come to light. CA Dems flat out don’t give a damn about the welfare of children especially
    when it comes to heinous crimes of pedophilia and incest. Check it out for yourself (yourselves):

    * Find out who supported PROTECT, CPPA and MOLC to eliminate the incest loophole law in CA (a law that allowed and encouraged all pedophilic fathers convicted of incest to obtain custody-including sole custody, that decriminalized pedophilia by making it legal for fathers AND in doing so violated the Constitutional rights of other non-father pedophiles: denial of equal protection under the law).

    *Hint: Only one token Democrat–the rest: Republicans. ONLY REPUBLICANS backed this bill to end the incest loophole from the start–Dems State & Fed’l flat out didn’t give a damn… no matter how many survivors, clinicians, child’s rights advocates/scholars, professionals, or legal scholars spoke out. Dems had no interest and intended to squash the bill (in other words accelerate the rate of incest by decriminalizing it even further) SOLELY because so many Republicans backed it… check out State Senator Jim Battin’s record.

    * Which also explains why CA–under Democratic reign/rein–has the most abysmal, discriminatory and unconstitutional Family Law Court in all of the Nation. Why it has the highest rate of violence against women and children in the nation–including Domestic Violence. 2 female Federal Dems = long-standing history of sheer criminal negligence. “Democrat” or “female” didn’t matter…. it’s been Republicans and conservatives (Like the Conservative Think Tank, Judicial Watch) and outraged East Coast representatives and citizens who have been proactive in helping women and children. CA Dems remain silent…

    *I used to be a Democrat, then I got the FACTS… you should too..

    Berk Berkeley
    (NY born, bred and educated)

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