Thom Hartmann and MCM on C-SPAN!!!

Some weeks ago the great Thom Hartmann spoke at Vox Pop Books in Brooklyn,
to help promote his new book Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle
Class–and What We Can Do About It. (You can buy a copy through my blog,
I had the privilege of introducing Thom at that event, and he was kind enough to
let me take part in the q&a. So it’s a twofer!
Check it out–and make sure not to miss the end, when Thom brought the
house down with a mighty invocation of the progressive spirit of FDR.
Tomorrow (Sunday) on C-SPAN’s “Book TV,” at 11:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m.:

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  1. It was great — even in the mini on-line version (since I only have cable on my computer) AND I watched Thom’s book jump from #631 on Amazon to #66 — terrific!! (I forgot to check FOOLED AGAIN pre-Book TV — whoops!) But I did blog about at on our new WQIDC blog (West Queens Independent Democratic Club) —

    Peace Hugs!

  2. MCM – I enjoyed watching the program last evening on CSPAN. I greatly appreciate Thom’s knowledge of American history, and sharing his analysis and views of our current state of affairs.
    I agree with you opinion that our electorial system is in grave danger, even as our mid-term elections are weeks away. It is critical that all voters come out and vote, especially, democrats. We have to break this one-party rule and get our democracy back.
    I am working my local poll site for the first time in my life. If this election proves to be stolen again, you can bet I will be one of the millions in our streets demanding WE THE PEOPLE take back our government.

    Thanks for your continual courage and truth-speak!

    Peace to our world –
    David in Colorado

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