Steps to take before, and on, Election Day

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As far as the next election is concerned, there’s little we can do, as some 80%
of the vote will be electronically cast or counted on Nov. 7. So we it’s necessary
that we take these other steps:

A) Support the independent exit polls planned by the Election Defense Alliance,

B) Tell people that they must vote on Election Day, so that the national turnout
is as high as possible. This will make another theft that much more difficult to spin.

C) Tell people that it’s very likely that the GOP will “win” despite its vast
unpopularity, so that they (the people) won’t become demoralized by their
apparent defeat.

D) Urge everyone to monitor the process in his/her own locale as carefully as
possible. Get visuals, as w/ a video camera. Take careful note of any monkey business.

E) If you spot improprieties, or have a problem at the polls, be sure to call
1-866-OUR-VOTE, and contact the EDA (address above), and tell them everything.
Keep a written record of your experience.

F) Get ready, psychologically, to stand with others in defiance of Bush/Cheney’s
latest “victory.”


You’re doing great work; if taken seriously, may truly salvage Democracy; if not, we will lose it.

Briefly, what’s being done to prevent voter-machine fraud for 2006 and 2008.

What can dedicated individuals do?

merrill n. md
marin, california

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  1. Mark Crispin Miller fails to mention the roles of election judges appointed by election authorities and the roles of challengers authorized by candidates who have the right to be inside the polls all day and after polls close when the votes are tallied. When voting is going on it probably more important to have a presence outside the polls getting out the vote and palm-carding outside the legal distance limits to urge voters to support candidates. But as polls close and the votes are counted you generally need credentials to be inside the polls.

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