"Stealing America" screened tonight in Orlando!

And Dorothy Fadiman will be there, with Clint Curtis!!

Vote by Vote
A new documentary film by
an OSCAR-nominated, EMMY-winning filmmaker
The Clint Curtis Story
For more information contact: Marty Ward, 1-954-732-1112

On Friday, October 20 at 7:00P.M. two new documentaries STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote
and TRUTH in the BOOTH – The Clint Curtis Story will be shown at Eastmonte Civic Center.

Two powerful films about the non-partisan issue of fair elections
present a riveting and, at the same time, an informational evening!

These films bring together dramatic behind-the-scenes stories related to the recent elections. The heart of both stories is a candid assessment of ways in which privatized election systems, disenfranchisement of certain populations and vulnerable voting technology are impacting our democracy.

Dorothy Fadiman – Producer/Director of STEALING AMERICA who has been awarded the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Gold Medal for the Best Short Documentary on PBS
* Clint Curtis – Renowned whistleblower and fair election advocate is the
subject of TRUTH in the BOOTH

WHEN: Friday, October 20, 2006 at 7:00 pm

WHERE: Eastmonte Civic Center
830 Magnolia Dr
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

Reporters wanting background information on the film, or on invited guests should contact- Marty Ward marty@go-nci.com 1-954-732-1112

These screenings present a rare opportunity to see Clint Curtis and his testimony during a hearing held by members of the U.S. Congress in the context of a larger perspective than is usually provided. Footage from that hearing and a first person interview with Clint are important dimensions of Fadiman’s film. Other interviewees in STEALING AMERICA include poll workers, computer experts, journalists, politicians, voters of all ages and others concerned about reports that certain communities may have been targeted for intimidation. The film introduces a spectrum of issues, including discrepancies between exit polls and final official tallies, the silence of the media following the election and the impact of technological glitches – for example more votes than voters, and vote flipping from one candidate to another. The film documents stories such as those of inner city voters who experienced waiting hours in line, along with the apparent unequal distribution of voting machines. A key piece in the story is Clint’s experience in being asked to “rig the vote”. Throughout, we underscore that election reform is not a partisan issue. It is the responsibility of both Democrats and Republicans to work with each other to address these issues. Various solutions to real problems are integrated into the film.
Our goal is to be provocative, but not confrontational. We want to engage viewers who may be uncomfortable addressing the realities of the election system. Our goal is to open people’s minds to the irregularities in the technology and open their hearts to the devastating impact of disenfranchising voters. The final question that the film poses is: How can we create an election system in which voters have confidence, and in which they can trust that their vote is being counted fairly?
Reporters wanting background information on the film, or on invited guests should contact- Marty Ward marty@go-nci.com 1-954-732-1112

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