Sproul at work in Tennessee!

From Kat L’Estrange:
Yes of course the fraud in Tennessee has been the handiwork of Nathan Sproul. How do we get this guy put in jail? His mission remains the same–to JAM the registration process in order to deny voters of their rights at the polls.
For more on Sproul, see Fooled Again, pp. 154-69.
Questionable voter registrations linked to group hired by RN
NASHVILLE, Tenn. Election officials in Nashville and a neighboring county say a voter registration group hired by the Republican National Committee has been linked to a dozen questionable voter registration forms.
Liberty Consultants is responsible for 12 registration forms in Davidson and Williamson counties that included the names, addresses and phone numbers of real people.
But it had incorrect personal information such as Social Security numbers, signatures and birth dates.

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