Rove knows

From Jonathan Simon:
There you go again. . .
Beset by discouraging polls and division within ideological ranks, the White House is accelerating efforts to woo back disaffected conservatives and energize the Republican base in a reprise of a strategy that succeeded in the last two campaign cycles.
(By Peter Baker, The Washington Post; bolding mine)
The “strategy” is known as “who needs the voters when you’ve got the votes?” But “if you’re going to rig an election, make sure it’s as polarized as possible so it damn well means something.”
Oh and by the way, Rove’s on record:
“Rove predicted the Republicans would retain control of Congress, discounting polls that show the Democrats threatening to take over. ‘You heard it here first,’ Rove declared in his interview with Fox News Radio.”
Now everyone (except us) is saying that Rove and Bush are “putting the best face on it” and “rallying the troops.” But we know better: Rove has never failed to make good on such a prediction (at least not since Diebold and ES&S took over counting the votes). Rove knows.
And he’s not just having a little arrogant fun, either. He is setting himself up as the Grand Wizard, whose omnipotent magicianship will never again be called into question and whose opponents will never again consider it worth the fight. This, my friends, is IT. Now who’s going to just watch it and who’s going to find a way to stop it? Who is a patriot?

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