Prop 89

From Stephanie Low:


I just gave a bunch of $$ to the Nurses Assn. of CA who’re running Proposition 89 (they got half a million signatures to get it on the
ballot) in CA. It would put limits on how much can be spent for elections and the govt would have to spend it, not us. So, if you donate to this, and it passes, next time, we won’t get all these emails asking for money.

But even more important, it limits to $10,000 what corporations can spend on any ballot initiative. That would be HUGE–corporations wouldn’t be able to convince the public except by stating the facts.
Take a look at this website
and notice who’s for Prop 89 and who’s against it.
Hint: the corporations are against it.

PBS’ great program NOW just spent a whole hour on the Nurses Assn and this proposition, and I’m sold enough to send my money. Check the site and please send whatever you can. For a small investment in CA now, we may be able to duplicate the initiative in other states, including ours, and next time we can save our money and watch the facts, paid for by the government.


PS Please pass this on ad infinitum.

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